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Healthy Choice

Healthy Safety

Tahweel Pipes & Fittings keeps the Occupational Health and Safety at the forefront of all circumstances. Our management will continue to raise awareness on this issue and conduct all necessary trainings to ensure developing a clear policy for employees health, safety, and protection in the working environment. This also apply to product and process design, taking into account the environmental impacts. We strive to lay less waste to the environment, efficient use of natural resources and use technologies that reduce the risk of occupational health and safety. Our employees and other stakeholders work together to raise health and safety performance, reduce occupational accident rates, minimize the amounts of waste and unnecessary use of natural resources.

Tahweel PPR Pipes & Fittings first determines the environmental impact of its activities, control  raw materials, energy. The recovery of raw materials enables Tahweel PPR Pipes & Fittings to control and reduce waste in a regular and periodic basis. Tahweel PPR Pipes & Fittings investigate, initiate corrective action and make continuous improvements. Tahweel PPR Pipes & Fittings have high corrosion resistance properties in addition to remarkable resistance to the common chemicals.
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