Tahweel Pipes - Ease Of Installation

Ease Of Installation

Tahweel PPR Pipes & Fittings system is designed for hot and cold water reticulation, utilizing proven and efficient techniques. This system always represents quality and only selects materials which are specifically designed for their applications.

Based on hydraulic engineering principles and backed by superior manufacturing standards worldwide, Tahweel PPR Pipes & Fittings innovative products provide dependable plumbing solutions that are time-proven. Architects and specifiers are attracted by its quality and security. The efficiency of installation appeals to tradesmen, and it is Tahweel PPR Pipes & Fittings economics and reliability that are most important to end user's long-lasting peace of mind.

Tahweel PPR Pipes & Fittings system is designed to be used with ample confidence. You will get a simple, controlled, accurate joint every time. The flexibility of pipes also means easier installation in confined spaces.

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