Tahweel Pipes - Manufacturing Excellency

Manufacturing Excellency

The maintenance of an all-inclusive quality control system is Tahweel's foremost priority. From the manufacturing stage, which includes the designing of prerequisites, processing of raw materials into finished goods, packaging, storage and supply of the manufactures products to the customer, all these processes are thoroughly monitored to ensure top-notch quality. Moreover, Tahweel believes in providing a continuous customer support service to its clients.

  • The Quality Assurance Program at Tahweel ensures that total quality is maintained at every level, and is carried out throughout the plant.

  • To this end, the overall system at Tahweel is planned in such a way that it surpasses the national, as well as, international standards of quality.

  • The quality control department has employed neutral bodies that regularly keeps a check on quality, and ascertains that everything is carried out in accordance with the maintained standards.

  • Tahweel continuously strives to provide its customers with top-notch quality products, and for that, it has established a well-planned manufacturing process which firmly stands by the required specifications.

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